SoftFluent’s mission is to industrialize software development to make it easier and more enjoyable. Our products are adopted by organizations in over 80 countries worldwide and allow companies of all sizes to create high-quality and flexible software whilst lowering production costs, risks and development time.


CodeFluent Entities

Less Plumbing, More Productivity

CodeFluent Entities is a unique product integrated into Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2013 which allows developers to generate components such as scripts (e.g. T-SQL, PL/SQL), code (e.g. C#, VB), web services (e.g. WCF, ASMX) and UIs (e.g. ASP.NET, SharePoint, WPF).

The code generation process is model-first and continuous: from your declarative model, a meta-model will be inferred which code generators will then translate into code. Over 20 code generators (a.k.a. “producers”) are provided “out of the box” and can be combined to create your own application following your desired architecture, using your desired technologies.


  • A model driven code generator
  • Persistence Code Generators (SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Azure)
  • .NET Business Object Model Generator (C#/VB)
  • WCF Code Generator
  • User Interface Generators (ASP.NET, SharePoint)
  • Import Existing Databases & Models
  • Run-time controls & utilities
  • Utility Generators
  • Application-Oriented Features
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