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CodeFluent Runtime Database

CodeFluent Entities comes with lots of useful DLL. Of course you all know CodeFluent.Runtime.dll or CodeFluent.Runtime.Web.dll. Today we’ll have a look at CodeFluent.Runtime.Database.dll.

The Runtime.Database DLL contains code to explore databases (schema, tables, views, columns, primary keys, constraints, stored procedures, and data). Currently, it supports:

  • SQL Server,
  • Oracle,
  • MySQL,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • SqlLite,
  • Sql Server CE
  • Access,
  • OleDb,
  • Xmi,
  • EnterpriseArchitect

Let’s see an example:

CodeFluent.Runtime.Database.Management.Database database = new CodeFluent.Runtime.Database.Management.SqlServer.Database("Server=(local)\\SQL2014;Database=Sample;Trusted_Connection=True;");

foreach (var table in database.Tables)

    foreach (var column in table.Columns)
        Console.WriteLine("    {0} {1}", column.EscapedName, column.CodeFluentType.DataType);

    Console.WriteLine("    PK ({0})", ConvertUtilities.ConcatenateCollection(table.PrimaryKey.Columns, "EscapedName", ", "));

    table.MaxRows = 10; // Read only 10 rows

The Database class provides a very great abstraction of the database structure. Whatever the DBMS you use, the code is the same. For example if you are using MySQL, just replace CodeFluent.Runtime.Database.Management.SqlServer.Database by CodeFluent.Runtime.MySQL.Management.Database (located in CodeFluent.Runtime.MySQL) and run the code!

The DLL also contains code to execute SQL queries or SQL scripts.

Moreover you’ll find some graphical components to create or edit connection strings (the ones used by CodeFluent Entities):

Happy exploring,

The R&D team

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