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MySQL and MariaDB Storage Engine

MySQL and MariaDB support several storage engines that act as handlers for different table types. They include both those that handle transaction-safe tables and those that handle nontransaction-safe tables.

You can see supported engine by running the SQL command “SHOW ENGINES” of your favorite MySQL Client tool:

Show Engines

We understand that you may want to use another storage engine. This is why we introduce a new options.

You can define the default storage engine at producer level:

Configuration Storage Engine

By using XML:

<cf:producer name="MySQL" 
    <cf:configuration defaultStorageEngine="MyISAM" />

Or at entity level:

<cf:entity name="Customer" 
    <cf:property name="Id" key="true" />
    <cf:property name="Name" />

The generated code will now use the storage engine defined at entity level, or at producer level or InnoDB if nothing is specified:

CREATE TABLE `StorageEngine`.`Customer`
    `Customer_Id` BINARY (16) NOT NULL,
    `Customer_Name` VARCHAR (256) CHARACTER SET utf8 NULL,
    `_trackLastWriteTime` DATETIME NOT NULL,
    `_trackCreationTime` DATETIME NOT NULL,
    `_trackLastWriteUser` VARCHAR (64) NOT NULL,
    `_trackCreationUser` VARCHAR (64) NOT NULL,
    `_rowVersion` BINARY (16) NOT NULL,

Happy storing,

R&D Team

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