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Thinktecture IdentityServer and CodeFluent Entities

Thinktecture IdentityServer v3 is a .NET-based open source implementation of an OpenID Connect provider and OAuth2 authorization server. Today, we are going to explain how to use this light-weight security token service with CodeFluent Entities.

To save time, we provide on our GitHub repository a sample of IdentityServer with CodeFluent Entities but… how to install and use it ? First, you need to get and install the ASP.NET Identity Producer. There’s nothing to it. Download the server source code from our GitHub and compile it. In a few words, this producer will assist you in creating ASP.NET Identity entities (User, Role, Claim, Login).

Now, open the solution and set “SoftFluent.Samples.Thinktecture.IdentityServer.Host” as Startup Project. Don’t forget to set “Don’t open a page option. Wait for a request from an external application” in Host project and start it:



Then, download the client source code from Thinktecture’s GitHub and compile it. Set “JavaScript Implicit Client” as Startup Project  and start it.

You should obtain this page:

Thinktecture Sample 1Then, click on “Login With Profile” :

Thinktecture Sample 2We choose to show you external login with Google so click the “Google” butto. Enter your credentials and allow the permissions you wish to grant. At this point IdentityServer will be save our new user in database through ASP.NET Identity.

If we take a look at the User’s table, we should find a new entry:

Thinktecture Sample 3

Finally, you receive Token and information about your account :

Thinktecture Sample 4

IdentityServer is provided without UI and administration tool but recently Thinktecture offers a new project called IdentityManager for developers and administrators to manage the identity information for users of their applications.

Happy Authenticating,

The R&D Team



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