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What’s new with CodeFluent Entities 770?

CodeFluent Entities provides several producers allowing you to generate your persistence layer on several database engines. The previous build includes numerous new features such as the support of Microsoft SQL Server 2014.


Once again, the CodeFluent Entities 2014 – Build 770 introduces the support of a new relational database management system: MariaDB. It is a community-developed fork of MySQL created in 2009 which includes some new improvements that (some claim) make it better than MySQL.

Our latest build improves the MySQL producer and now supports MariaDB. The producer supports MariaDB 5.1 and above and relies on the MySQL Connector for .NET version The producer will try to load dynamically the MySql.Data assembly so you might need to copy the MySql.Data.dll in your CodeFluent Entities installation directory if you don’t want to register the MySQL Connector in the GAC.

MariaDB Producer

Below, you can see a generated MariaDB according to the ContactManager CodeFluent Entities Sample Model:

MariaDB Generated

Note that you might need to reference the CodeFluent Runtime.dll and CodeFluent.Runtime.MySQL.dll if you generate the C# Business Object Layer (CodeDom Producer).

CodeFluent Entities 2014 – Build 770 also includes numerous bug fixes and new features. The full list is available here. Yesterday, we published a post that talk about a new feature: How to compress or extract CAB archives. Feel free to read it!

If you have any questions or comments, please share them below.

Happy downloading!

The R&D Team

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