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Define your own CodeFluent Entities Keyboard shortcuts

Some of you ask us if we can create your own keyboard shortcuts with CodeFluent Entities. Yes, of course. You can assign a shortcut to add an entity or a property into your CodeFluent Entities surface thanks to Visual Studio Keyboard Commands. While we do not set default keyboard shortcuts, you can define your own:

  • Open the Visual Studio Options dialog (Tools / Options / Environment / Keyboard)
  • Select the desired command (search command containing CodeFluent)
  • Define the keyboard shortcut


Below is a list of the most common CodeFluent commands:

  • Add Entity: OtherContextMenus.CodeFluentSurface.Add.Entity
  • Add Property: OtherContextMenus.CodeFluentSurface.Add.Property
  • Add Rule: OtherContextMenus.CodeFluentSurface.Add.Rule
  • Add Instance: OtherContextMenus.CodeFluentSurface.Add.Instance
  • Model Search: OtherContextMenus.CodeFluentSurface.ModelSearch (my favorite!)
  • Arrange Surface: OtherContextMenus.CodeFluentSurface.Arrange.Surface

Happy shortcutting, The R&D Team

  1. March 24, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    Thanks for this article. I know a couple of shortcuts that I definitely want to add.

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