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Exploring the CodeFluent Runtime: Country utilities

The CodeFluent.Runtime.Utilities.Country class is a cool tool that provides information about countries, regions, geographic locations and currencies.

Below is a figure showing a WPF application with a DataGrid that contains a list of countries with the information this class provides: locale identifier, region, english name, native name (in the corresponding language), currencies, etc.)



    <DataGrid x:Name="MyDataGrid" />

C# :

MyDataGrid.ItemsSource = CodeFluent.Runtime.Utilities.Country.AllCountries;

By running the code above, you’ll get a list of countries as a data source for your WPF DataGrid.

The Country object also exposes some useful methods such as:

GetCountry : find a country by its ISO-3166 two-letter code


It also supports principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166 so you can get locations and not only countries:

// *private joke* Carl, this one's for you !
var guadeloupe = CodeFluent.Runtime.Utilities.Country.GetCountry("GL");

// Get all locations installed on your system.
var allLocations = CodeFluent.Runtime.Utilities.Country.AllLocations;

GetCurrencyCountries : find countries for a given ISO currency symbol

var euroCountries = CodeFluent.Runtime.Utilities.Country.GetCurrencyCountries("EUR")

So here is the same grid with the list of countries that use EURO currency:


Before leaving this topic, I suggest you have also have a look at the CultureComboBox control available in the CodeFluent.Runtime.Design namespace. It provides an associated Winforms ComboBox specialized for displaying countries.

The CodeFluent Runtime is  available with the full CodeFluent Entities product and with the CodeFluent Runtime Client 100% free assembly (available directly from Nuget).

Happy countrying!

The R&D team.

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