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[Pet Shop Reloaded] A comparative study between CodeFluent Entities and Entity Framework

Some of you may know the story about the Pet Shop application, a .NET/C# revisited version of the original Java Pet Store application made by Sun Microsystems. These two sample applications were used as a mean to show an implementation of the best practices and features of both technologies. Today, these applications begin to get dusty as they were released on November 2001 and May 2001 respectively.
So the SoftFluent team decided to build a reloaded version of the Pet Shop using CodeFluent Entities. To maintain the spirit of the original concept we also decided to develop a parallel version using Entity Framework.


Pet Shop Reloaded

Pet Shop Reloaded


Indeed, a recurrent question about CodeFluent Entities is how it relates to Entity Framework. SoftFluent has published a white paper giving a large set of details on how these two products differ so one can understand how CodeFluent Entities is much more than an ORM.
We are going to write a series of blog posts showing how some concepts and features can (or cannot) be implemented using CodeFluent Entities and Entity Framework. We may not cover all the concepts or features of the two products (as there are many), but we will treat the main features needed to successfully implement a web application.

We will lead this study case as objective as possible and we will love to discuss any question, remark or feedback people may give us, so don’t hesitate to comment every post.

You can find all the blog posts related to the Pet Shop Reloaded by SoftFluent under the tag “Pet Shop Reloaded“. Stay tuned. 🙂



The SoftFluent team.

  1. Alexandre
    June 13, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    Very interesting ! I can’t wait to read them 🙂

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