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Remove the current date and time to generated files

CodeFluent Entities adds some information to generated files every time a code production is run.
This information contains general information (for all producers) and specific information (for each producer):

  • The CodeFluent Entities Build version.
  • The current date and time.
  • The Runtime version.
  • The Target version.
  • The Culture.
  • The Encoding.
  • – …


Generation information

Generation information

You might want to avoid CodeFluent Entities to add some of this information to generated code.
For example, each time a code production is made almost all generated files will have a new “generation date” even if the generated code is the same.
When using a source control system you will need to checkin/commit every single file even if  only the generation date has changed. This can lead to conflicts and unnecessary merges.


File Diff

File Diff


Well, CodeFluent Entities provides an option to remove the “generation date and time” when running producers.  
This options is found in the “advanced properties tab” at the project level  (right click on the CodeFluent Entities project > Properties).

Set the defaultProducerProductionFlag flag to RemoveDiffs to avoid having the “date and time” on generated files.


Default Producer Production Flags

Default Producer Production Flags


Since the CodeFluent Entities build 702 (march 2013) the RemoveDiffs production flag option now also removes the Runtime Version value added to generated files.



Pablo Fernandez Duran

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