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SQL Azure producer now has its “Diff engine”!

CodeFluent Entities provides an out-of-the-box SQL Azure producer. Using this producer you can generate SQL Azure scripts and automatically run them on your SQL Azure database.

Although this producer enables you to work on a local SQL Server instance in order to benefit of the producer’s Diff Engine on the local instance, it was missing its own Diff Engine! Indeed, for each generation the producer was dropping tables before recreating them.

This new build 686 brings to the SQL Azure Producer its own Diff Engine. It means that as of today, either using SQL Azure or SQL Server producer, you can continuously generate without loosing data.

The SQL Azure producer’s property grid as been reorganized so the distinction between Local SQL server and Online SQL Azure properties is clearer. Besides, you’ll find a new property under the Online SQL Azure category called “Create Diffs” to enable or disable the SQL Azure Diff Engine. The Diff Engine is enable by default.





Thibault Nestor

  1. Peter de Bruijn
    November 5, 2012 at 9:03 am


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