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CodeFluent Entities: new ASP.NET Web Site Web Forms Template sneak peek

A brand new ASP.NET Web Site Producer (v2) is shipped in alpha in the latest build available (666 and upper).

As mentioned in our Web Platform Roadmap post, this new producer will be shipped with three templates:

Here’s a sneak peek of what gets generated when using this new template (codename: “Airport”) Smile

The homepage generated by default lists all namespaces and their contained entities:



Clicking on an entity gets you to the entity page:


On this entity page you’ll find a screenshot of the entity from which this page was generated.

On the left side of the page you’ll find a list of actions available on this entity. Those actions correspond in fact to business methods provided by the entity:



Unlike the Ajax/JSON template which consumes WCF JSON services, the ASP.NET Web Forms template is built directly on top of your generated .NET Domain Model, skipping this service layer. Yet, the generated .NET Domain Model (a.k.a. .NET Business Object Model) is not specific to ASP.NET and the exact same object model can be used from any other .NET technology such as SharePoint, WinForms, Console applications, services, etc.


Any feedback? Share them on this blog, on our forums or on our Facebook page!


Carl Anderson

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