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CodeFluent Entities: Setup update

Starting a few weeks ago, old timers might have noticed that CodeFluent Entities is now shipped as a single MSI and not as a zip containing two MSIs (and a readme) anymore.


CodeFluent Entities Editions

CodeFluent Entities exists in what we call two editions which both have their own installer:

  • CodeFluent Entities Core Edition: the meta-compiler, what actually builds the stuff
  • CodeFluent Entities Modeler Edition: the graphic interface, a Visual Studio extension wrapping the meta-compiler.

The Modeler Edition includes the Core Edition: it’s a Visual Studio Extension (for VS 2008 SP1 and upper) providing a user interface to the Core Edition. This was one of the two MSIs that were shipped and it’s now the only MSI that is retrieved when downloading the product.

So even though you only have a single MSI, you can still use CodeFluent Entities without the Modeler, just using XML files and CodeFluent.Build.exe in command line, as you used to using the Core Edition.


Ok, so from now on the “Core Edition-only” installer isn’t available by default anymore, but still, my development team needs it, what can I do?

If for some reason you still need the “Core Edition-only” installation MSI, please contact our support (support ‘at’ softfluent ‘dot’ com) as they can provide you with this installer.


Carl Anderson

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