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CodeFluent Entities: Generate an ASP.NET Ajax/JSON web site in 5 minutes

A brand new ASP.NET Ajax/JSON Producer is shipped (in alpha) with the latest build available (663 and upper). As we’d love to get some feedback on what you think of it and since it’s for now undocumented pre-release software, here’s a quick guide explaining how to generate an ASP.NET Ajax/JSON web site using this shiny and new UI producer Winking smile

Warning: this producer is only available with C#, and not with VB.

In this post I’m assuming you already have CodeFluent Entities up and running (installed, activated, and SQL-DMO installed to generate and deploy SQL Server databases).

Start Visual Studio, and from the brand new “CodeFluent Entities” menu, select “Starter Wizard”:

01 - StarterWizard

This will launch Visual Studio’s “File > New > Project..” window in the section and from which we’ll select “Starter Wizard“:

02 - StarterWizardProject

Name our project “Demo.ContactManager” and click “OK” to launch the wizard.

From there, follow the steps:

  • Select the “Demo.ContactManager” model,
  • Select the “ASP.NET Ajax/JSON” architecture,
  • Select the “C#” language,
  • Keep default client project name to “Demo.ContactManager.Web”,
  • Select “SQL Server” as database,
  • Set-up your connection string
  • And finish the wizard.

This will create your entire solution (solution, projects, add and configure producers to point to those projects):

03 - CreatedSolution

Right-click on the “Demo.ContactManager.Model” project and select “Build “ to build your project:

  • Doing this will generate database scripts and deploy them on your configured database,
  • Generate the .NET classes in the Demo.ContactManager class library and add required references so you can compile right-away,
  • Generate your ASP.NET Ajax/JSON web site!

Set the “Demo.ContactManager.Web” project to be the start-up project, and hit F5 to start playing with the stuff!


Any feedback? Share it on this blog, on our forums or on our Facebook page!



Carl Anderson

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