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CodeFluent Entities Roadmap (may 2012)

Hello all!

Here is the CodeFluent Entities roadmap for the beginning of this year (click on the image for a broader view):

CodeFluent Entities Roadmap

CodeFluent Entities Roadmap

In the latest builds (higher than 646), we have shipped the PostgreSQL importer, as well as the ASP.NET Producer V2 (which is currently in beta). In the build to come (higher than 656), we will ship the following new features:

  • Automatic Data Annotations (e.g. “ADA”): the BOM producer will automatically create System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations from the rules declared in the model. Data Annotations supported are StringLength, Required, RegularExpression, Enum, Range, and DataType. CodeFluent Entities rules are much richer than data annotations, and some information will not be translated. For example, there is no equivalent to the features of the CompareValidate rule in data annotations, or there is no standard Luhn check Data Annotation.
  • The new RequiredValidate rule. This property validation rule is almost equivalent to the ObjectValidate rule, but is more simple. It has been created mostly to be able to have a direct equivalent CodeFluent Entities rule to the RequiredAttribute CodeFluent Entities Roadmap during ADA mapping process.
  • The new LookupValidate rule. This property validation rule is used to check a property value is in a list of allowed values. The list can be declared ad-hoc (a string representing a list of items separated by a specific separator character), or can be defined by an enumeration type name. This enumeration can be declared in the CodeFluent Entities model, or can be an existing CLR enumeration type. This rule also support the combination of multiple values.

The R&D Team

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