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New CodeFluent Entities Version Released!

A new CodeFluent Entities version (646) has been released and is publicly available!

You can download it from here: CodeFluent Entities Download Page.


Enhanced Visual Studio 11 Beta integration

Remember the “CodeFluent Entities & Visual Studio 11 Beta” post? Well we kept our word and corrected the glitches Winking smile


SQL Server 2012 is supported by the SQL Server Producer

More details in this post: Added SQL Server 2012 Support


Enumeration declarations now support named values

You can now do stuff with multi-valued enumerations such as (supported separators are , ; | and +):

    <cf:enumeration name="WeekDays" multivalue="true" >
      <None />
      <Sunday />
      <Monday />
      <Tuesday />
      <Wednesday />
      <Thursday />
      <Friday />
      <Saturday />
      <WeekDays value="Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday" />

(Thank you GregD for the suggestion)


Project Level “Implements” and “Set Implements” rules

You can define “Implements” and “Set Implements” rules at project level so all generated classes implement a specific interface or derive from a specific class (http://forums.softfluent.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=395).


Transaction rules

Transaction rules can now be added on methods other than Save and Delete, including custom ones. Developers don’t have to write the TransactionScope code themselves when adding a new custom method: all it takes is selecting your method and add a transaction rule on it Smile


The Modeler now supports Aspect assemblies

If you are familiar with CodeFluent Aspects, you already know that you can develop aspects in XML or in .NET assemblies.

You’ll be glad to know that the Modeler now fully supports .NET assemblies including assemblies containing multiple aspects (e.g. Contoso.Aspects.dll). In such cases it displays available aspects in the assembly and lets you select the one you want to use in your current CodeFluent Entities project.


Miscellaneous changes

Some other miscellaneous things were also added/fixed/enhanced such as the enhancing TFS integration or adding support for the CTRL+A keyboard shortcut in the method body editor was added.


We would love to hear your feedbacks, don’t hesitate to share your feedbacks on our forums or by commenting this post!



Carl Anderson

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