As part of the SoftFluent product team, I’m proud to officially announce our new product: LogToMail!

LogToMail is a light program (the whole thing is less than 1 MB), which can run as a Windows Service or in command line, and which monitors the event log of a server.


Whenever a new entry is logged, it can send an email with the content of the log entry to the appropriate person.


Defining which type of entries should trigger an email (all by default) and to whom (default is the administrator email specified at installation time) can be done through the configuration file of the tool. To be more precise, rules are defined using the JavaScript language.

For instance, the following rule sends an email to user1, user2 and user3, when an error log event other than the 1058 and 1126 is written to the event log:

<rule name="SendToUsers" sendFrom="logtomail@softfluent.com" sendTo="user1@example.com,user2@example.com,user3@example.com" sendFromDisplayName="LogToMail '#::Environment.MachineName#'">
    (Event.EventType == 1)  &amp;&amp; (Event.EventCode != 1058) &amp;&amp; (Event.EventCode != 1126)

We’ve actually been using this tool internally for years to ensure we don’t miss issues on our servers; it turned out to be so useful that we thought it might help others than us Winking smile

There’s a free evaluation version (limited to 30 days) which is available here if ever you want to try it out Smile


Hope this helps,

Carl Anderson

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