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CodeFluent Entities & Visual Studio 11 Beta

Microsoft released the Visual Studio 11 Beta yesterday (February 29th) which means that we can all get a taste of the next VS version.

By the way here’s a link to try it out yourself if you haven’t done it already:

Furthermore, I’m happy to announce that already existing CodeFluent Entities builds such as the 645 install and run on VS 11 Beta: no changes or hacks needed, and no need to wait for the next build to start playing around!! Smile


There are still a few glitches here and there but don’t worry we’re working on those and we’ll fix those in future builds Winking smile


By the way, although not many, we’re not the only ones supporting Visual Studio 11 beta and you can find a list of available VS11 beta extensions on component source’s dedicated web site: http://dev11.componentsource.com/extend/develop.

Obviously CodeFluent Entities is among them Smile

Check-out our page to know more: http://dev11.componentsource.com/products/codefluent-entities.



Carl Anderson

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