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New CodeFluent Entities Release Available

A new version of CodeFluent Entities is publicly available (1.0.60110.644) which contains a set of new features which we’ll overview in this post.


Feature #1: The Resource Grid

This new release provides a new culture-oriented grid form which allows batch resources edition (project-wide or node-specific).



Feature #2: The Instance Grid

Same as the the resource grid but for instances:


We can now edit multiple instances at once Smile


Feature #3: “Go To Xml”

Doing a right-click on a concept on the surface (entities, properties, views, methods, forms, etc.) you now have a “Go To Xml” option in the contextual menu which will take you to the XML node corresponding to the selected shape.



Feature #4: Support for non-latin characters

I’m sure all non-latin users will be glad to know that using the latest build, you can design your application using non latin-characters:



Feature #5: Minimize the Ribbon

Probably the sexiest feature in this release: you can now hide/show the ribbon using the upper-right corner arrow:




Interested in getting more details on what is shipped with each release? Subscribe to the CodeFluent Entities RSS Feed and you’ll automatically get all bug fixes and new features comprised in each build as soon as they are online!


Carl Anderson

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