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CodeFluent Entities: Member Format Expressions (Part 1)

Using CodeFluent Entities, you can use “Member Format Expressions” to customize the way names of entities and properties are formatted:


Several expressions are provided by default but you can also define your own expressions by selecting “Choose” (you do this from the “Modeler Tab” of the ribbon or from the contextual menu):


Clicking “Add New” will allow you to define your own:


Creating this one will display “Test!” for all my properties:


It’s not that useful in practice, but still, it illustrates that you can set whatever you want in it and most importantly that it supports literals Smile

As you can see, the default expressions use property paths surrounded by curly brackets such as {Name} and {DisplayTypeName} to displays values from the model. You can access a list of available property paths by clicking on the “Insert Property Path” button which will display the following dialog:


For instance, here’s an expression displaying the property name and indicating if the property is a key between parenthesis:


Here’s the result on my Address entity:


If you prefix your property path with a ‘#’, the value will be decamelized. For instance the expression “{#Name} (IsKey={IsKey})” will display (the difference is visible on the Line1 and Line2 properties):


Sweet isn’t it?! Smile

It for sure is a nice feature too change as you can change how the model is presented with a single expression, however use format expressions with caution though, because as they’re evaluated to display each of your properties in your model, big expressions doing a lot of stuff and displaying a lot of text can become a performance killer on big models.

Carl Anderson

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