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Modeler Hot Keys

Using the Modeler, a graphic interface to CodeFluent Entities integrated to Visual Studio 2008 & 2010, several hot keys are available to ease developers’ life while designing their model.


CTRL + Click on a relation property

Clicking on a relation property whilst holding the CTRL key down zooms on the referenced entity and surrounds it with an animated red square so you can easily spot it:


SHIFT + Click on a property

Clicking on a property whilst holding the SHIFT key down allows you to create relations. Holding SHIFT while selecting a property makes an arrow appear which you can use to point to another property or entity.

Once you pointed to the referenced entity/property, the “Add New Relation” dialog will appear so you can define the relation’s multiplicity (One-To-One, One-To-Many, Many-To-One, Many-To-Many)


CTRL + Scrolling with the mouse wheel

Holding the CTRL key and scrolling with the mouse wheel lets you zoom in or out where the mouse points. It’s dead simple, yet so convenient!


CTRL + Dragging anywhere on the surface

Doing so allows you to zoom in a specific area. CTRL + dragging will make a dashed rectangle appear symbolizing the area in which the Modeler should zoom in:

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