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CodeFluent Entities & Bitness

First, we need to distinguish two different environments:

  • at modeling time: during developments, when building your model,
  • at run time: the built application.


At Modeling Time

  • The Modeler runs in 32-bit mode exclusively: this is due to the fact that the Modeler is an extension of Visual Studio which is a native 32-bit process,
  • All other tools provided (.exe) both have 32-bit and native 64-bit binaries versions available,
  • All tools can run with 32-bit WoW64 on 64-bit machines
  • Some producers are supported in 32-bit mode exclusively like the SQL Server Producer v1.


At Run Time

Regarding run time, generated applications are completely “bitness agnostic”: using CodeFluent Entities you can create 32-bit, 64-bit, or “Any CPU” applications. By the way, this is possible because CodeFluent Entities run time assemblies are compiled as “Any CPU” so it’ll use the bitness of the built application (x86 or x64) or the bitness of the target machine if your application is built in “Any CPU”.

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