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Availability of CodeFluent Entities build 597

I am really excited to announce the availability of CodeFluent Entities build 597. This new build sets a new milestone in our product roadmap. We worked hard to deliver a new improved graphical Modeler that will tremendously simplify the initial design and evolution of your business model. We focused on fixing performance issues occurring when saving the model or manipulating the form designer. We also added some new features or improved existing ones to ease navigation inside the model:

Shape Search

The Shape Search feature is my favorite one 🙂 ! You can use it to quickly zoom on a shape. Select the Modeler Pad tab and click on Shape Search has shown below:


A search dialog box will pop up so you can type the name of the entity you wish to find. Notice the auto-completion capability of the search zone :). When you change the selection using the up and down arrow keys, the selected entity is zoomed in the center of the screen. Just love it!

Navigating from relation to relation

When you hold down the CTRL key while clicking on a relation property (i.e. its typeName refers to another entity of your model), the modeler will focus on the linked entity and surround the entity shape with an animated red square as shown below:


Creating relations between properties and entities

It is possible to create 1-1, 1-N or N-M relations between entities. You must hold down the SHIFT key when selecting a property (click on left mouse button) that should reference a foreign entity as shown hereunder. As shown below, I’m connecting Customer.Addresses to Address.Customer making a 1-N relation (a customer can have many addresses):


When releasing the mouse button, you’ll see the following window appearing, asking for the type of relation to create:


Zooming in a specific area of the selected Surface

You can easily zoom in a specific area of the surface by holding down the CTRL key and by dragging the mouse while left clicking:


After you worked with the entity, you can use the mouse wheel with the CTRL key pressed to zoom in/out.

Saving a Surface as PNG file

It is now possible to save the current Surface display in a PNG file so you can share it with colleagues or with a customer representative. You just need to right click somewhere in the selected surface and you will see a new menu Export Model as Image:


Documentation update

Don’t forget to check the latest version of the online CodeFluent Entities documentation. We focused on the Aspect feature quite unique to CodeFluent Entities and provided some concrete samples to help you get started. Don’t forget why mastering CodeFluent Aspects is fundamental: you develop it once, you use it everywhere!

We are happy to announce that this build is now available directly on your account web page once you are logged to http://www.codefluententities.com.

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Thanks and happy CodeFluenting!


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