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Importer Now Supports Extended Properties

Starting with the build 50613.596 and upper, the Importer now supports SQL Server Extended Properties.

For instance, say I have the following database:


Lets add an extended property on the Customer_Id  column such as:

USE Test;
EXEC sys.sp_addextendedproperty
@name = N’MS_DescriptionExample’,
@value = N’Identifier of a Customer.’,
@level0type = N’SCHEMA’, @level0name = [dbo],
@level1type = N’TABLE’,  @level1name = Customer,
@level2type = N’COLUMN’, @level2name = Customer_Id;

Using the Importer, I can now import extended properties into CodeFluent Entities message:


Note: this isn’t done by default, so if you do want to import your properties as messages, you need to set this feature to true in the advanced properties tab in the importer wizard.

Running the wizard will import my database into a CodeFluent Entities model, and SQL Server extended properties will become CodeFluent Entities messages:


More information on the Messages concept available here: Messages.

Get more information on SQL Server extended properties here: Using Extended Properties on Database Objects.

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