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How much is CodeFluent Entities?

For your personal non-commercial use and non-profit organizations: nothing!

SoftFluent offers the equivalent of the Ultimate version, but wait, what is the Ultimate version?

For commercial use, several licenses exist and the Ultimate version is one of them. Available licenses are:

  • Express (Free)
  • Professional ($599)
  • Enterprise ($2,999)
  • Ultimate ($5,999)

Licenses are required for developers but not for end-users. Consequently, the main difference between one another is the number of entities per project a developer can generate using one of them:

  • Express is up to 10 entities,
  • Professional is up to 30 entities,
  • Enterprise is up to 100 entities,
  • Ultimate is unlimited

In a team organization where only one developer is in charge of the model and who generates for the entire team, other team members consuming the generated code need to have at least a Professional license. However, they don’t have to have the same license as the one generating. So you could have an architect running under the Ultimate license and the rest of your team running under the Professional license for instance.

More information is available in the Purchase section of the CodeFluent Entities web site.

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