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The Smart Client Object Model

The Service Object Model Producer generates the communication layer between the server and a client side. It’s based on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and generates the needed services and contracts to expose your object model, as well as an enhanced proxy which allows us developers to create Smart-Clients without having to take care of all communication aspects.

This communication layer is absolutely standard WCF, so you can configure it as you wish using your desired addresses, bindings and configurations. Likewise, since the generated services and contracts are standard WCF services you don’t have to use the generated proxy, you could perfectly consume those web services using the Microsoft Visual Studio generated proxy.

However, the generated proxy is in fact a little more than a just a proxy. It’s in fact a remote version of the generated Business Object Model (BOM), and since it takes care of all communication aspects, it actually provides Smart-Client developers the same development experience as when developing a rich client: you’re manipulating Customers, Orders, Products, and not Channels, Endpoints and Factories, and that’s why we named it the Smart-Client Object Model (SCOM).

Using CodeFluent Entities, the Service Object Model Producer – with its generated services, contracts and Smart-Client Object Model – is the way to create Smart-Clients. Furthermore, the generated SCOM can also be used in Silverlight 2 and upper, so the same Smart-Client Object Model can be used for all your Smart-Clients whether they are standard .NET apps (Windows Forms, WPF, etc.) or Silverlight Apps.


Want to know more? Here’s a set of links that might be of interest to you:

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