The Model Grid

One of the new features of the Modeler is the Model Grid which provides developers a grid view of their model. This way you can get a complete transversal view of all concepts you defined in your model (all defined entities, methods, properties, rules, enums, etc.).

To open the Model Grid, select your model (or one of its namespaces) in the solution explorer and click “Show Model Grid” in its contextual menu:


The Model Grid is in fact a dockable Visual Studio pane, so you can dock it wherever you want, let it float, or tab it as a document, it’s all up to you Smile. Once opened you’ll see all your entities and enumerations listed in the grid:


Using selectors on the left hand side of the grid, you’ll be able to view in the grid some more concepts. (Selectors are in fact XPath expressions on the inferred model, check-out The CodeFluent Entities API documentation article for more information on this.) For instance, clicking on the “Methods” selector, selects all methods on all entities that you defined (“/entity/method”). Leaving your mouse a second on a selector will display a tooltip indicating which selector it is, as well as showing it’s XPath query upon the inferred model.


Here’s what happens if I enable it on the SoftFluent.CarRental example model:


By default, a set of predefined selectors are available but you can remove or even add your own new extra ones by doing a right-click in the grid, and opening the “Selectors Chooser”.


The same is possible for the columns of the grid. By default, only the “Name” column is displayed but you can add extra-columns thanks to the “Columns Chooser”. By the way, the “Columns Chooser” is also a great way to view all available attributes on all CodeFluent concepts Smile


Please note, that as of today (build 50518.593) the Model Grid is still being developed and is subject to change.

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