The Starter Wizard

As announced in this post, the newest version (50401.587) of the Modeler now includes a new project type which is a wizard.

In Microsoft Visual Studio, click on File > New Project… and in the CodeFluent Entities project type, you’ll see a new template: Starter Wizard.

This wizard allows you to select a model as usual, but in addition to creating the corresponding CodeFluent Entities project, you can select your application type and it’ll automatically add the corresponding Visual Studio projects to your solution as well as configure the selected producers.

For instance choosing an ASP.NET MVC application will create:

  • your CodeFluent Entities project,
  • a Database project to contain your persistence scripts,
  • a Class Library project to contain your Business Object Model,
  • as well as a ASP.NET MVC application referencing the class library.

Furthermore, as said earlier, producers will be configured which in this case will be:

  • a persistence producer (SQL Server, SQL Azure or Oracle Database depending on what you choose in the wizard),
  • as well as the Business Object Model producer.

If ever a user interface producer supports the selected application type, this one will be automatically added.

Note: As of today, the only one added by the wizard is the SharePoint Web Parts producer.

By the end of the wizard your entire solution was created: you’re now ready to develop your application from data to UI Smile

The next step is then to design your application in the default surface of the CodeFluent Entities project. Define your business logic by creating entities, properties, relations and generate!

Note: If wondering how to do this, check-out this video Winking smile

As you’ll see, the configured producers will update the targeted projects of your solution by including the generated files as well as adding the required references. In the end, all you need to do is compile the generated code and you can use it right away in your application.

Finally, a key point in using CodeFluent Entities is that it allows you to generate continuously throughout developments, so don’t be afraid to try stuff, go back in the model, tweak it, generate over and see the result until it looks good Smile

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