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New CodeFluent Entities Milestone

Hi everyone!

We recently announced the support of SQL Azure and Windows Azure Blob Storage in CodeFluent Entities. Our R&D team has been working hard these past weeks and I am proud to announce that the next version of the product will introduce two new important features:

Starter Wizard

A brand new starter wizard is available and will ease your life when creating your CodeFluent Entities solution. This wizard is fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio as shown in the following screenshots:

Step 1 : select the Wizard Wizard1
Step 2 : Welcome screen Wizard2
Step 3 : Select your model Wizard3
Step 4 : Select your architecture Wizard4
Step 5 : Select your persistence layer Wizard5
Step 6 : Summary pages Wizard6
Step 7 : Solution created in Visual Studio! Wizard9


This wizard will be available in the next CodeFluent Entities build so stay tuned!

Platform Independent Form Editor

As you may know, CodeFluent Entities allows you to model any data oriented application and generate fully functional code. From the earliest version of the product we were able to design Forms on top of entities but you had to do it using XML as described hereafter:

            <cf:field name="FullName" />
            <cf:field name="Email" />

The above code creates a Customer entity with a single form containing one tab with two fields: FullName and Email.

This form, and any others forms of your model, will be processed by UI producers to generate “real” forms that target a technical architecture such as ASP.NET, SharePoint or WPF. The only producers that can “process” forms in the current version of the product are the SharePoint and WPF Smart-Client producers. Next version of ASP.NET producer will also do.

We also added a new concept called “Zone” that allows you to create any UI form to target a specific need. I am sure, this feature will benefit to many CodeFluent Entities developers :).

Here are some screenshots of the Forms editor. You access it through the ribbon (Add Form) when an entity is selected.
Here’s a simple form:

A more advanced one:


Don’t forget, CodeFluent Entities is your friend for .NET development 🙂.

Create Software, Not Architecture, let CodeFluent Entities generate the foundations of your apps, and dedicate your time on value added development tasks.

Don’t forget that CodeFluent Entities is free for personal use and for non profit organizations.

Happy CodeFluenting!


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