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Windows Azure Blob Storage Support

Along with the SQL Azure Producer, the latest CodeFluent Entities build introduced out-of-the-box support for Windows Azure Blob Storage.

Basically, instead of storing your blobs in your database, you can configure your CodeFluent Entities generated application to store them in Windows Azure Blob Storage. You don’t need to generate over, nor to modify your UI code, it is completely independent from the design or modeling phase of your CodeFluent Entities project; and completely independent from the persistence producers used at generation time.

In fact, all you need is:

  • a working Windows Azure Blob Storage account,
  • references to the CodeFluent Azure Runtime (CodeFluent.Runtime.Azure.dll), and Microsoft.Windows.Azure.StorageClient.dll
  • an application configuration file indicating your application should use the Azure binary services instead of the default one.

Check-out this video to see how it goes:

CodeFluent Entities–Windows Azure Blob Storage Support

More information is available in our product documentation here.

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