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SQL Azure Producer Overview

As we announced in this post, starting with the build 579, CodeFluent Entities now provides an out-of-the-box SQL Azure Producer.

Using this producer you can generate SQL Azure scripts and automatically run them on your SQL Azure database. Moreover, you can also work on a local SQL Server instance, whilst ensuring you’re using SQL Azure supported features only, and then deploy online when ready. Not only this avoids transfer costs, but when generating over a SQL Server database, the producer’s Diff Engine is enabled which allows you to generate continuously without ever losing data.

Last but not least, the Modeler also ships a new feature known as the Model and Database Explorer which, as the name suggests, lets you explore databases (or XMI and Enterprise Architects models) directly from Visual Studio. Supported databases are: Access 2007/2010, Access / Jet, OLE DB, Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Azure, and SQL Server CE.

This way, once you generated and deployed your scripts on your online SQL Azure database, without leaving Visual Studio you can explore the generated database, including data. Talking about viewing data, unlike Microsoft’s SQL Azure Database Manager, Guids and Blobs can be viewed in the explorer Winking smile


Here’s a video showing it all:

SQL Azure Producer Overview
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