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New CodeFluent Entities Release: official support of SQL Azure and Windows Blob Storage

On February 24th I unveiled the support of SQL Azure in CodeFluent Entities. I am even more excited today to announced the availability of build 579 that officially ships with the SQL Azure Producer.

The SQL Azure producer translates your model into SQL Azure compliant T-SQL scripts to generate the equivalent SQL Azure database. Moreover the generated scripts can be run automatically on the SQL Azure database.

One key feature of the SQL Azure producer, is that you can work locally, by generating on a local SQL Server database. In this scenario, the SQL Azure producer will generate 100% compliant code on both platforms. Furthermore, when generating on a SQL Server instance, the producer detects it and will use a diff engine which will update the database through generations rather than dropping and creating it over. This diff engine is in fact a key feature since it allows developers to generate continuously, without ever losing data. Once the application is ready to go live, the developer can configure the producer to run the scripts on the online SQL Azure database.

Also, starting with this build, the CodeFluent Entities runtime supports the Windows Azure Blob Storage for storing CodeFluent Entities binary large objects. Windows Azure is a completely different platform than SQL Azure. If you want to minimize the cost of storage and data access, it is probably better to store large files and blobs in the Blob Storage environment available with Windows Azure.

You can use this new feature right now by downloading build 579 (through SoftFluent.Licensing.exe tool). The documentation is up to date so you can use it to make your model generate code for SQL Azure.

Happy CodeFluenting Smile!


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