The Ribbon

Installing CodeFluent Entities Modeler Edition adds a new project type to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 in which you’ll be able to design your model and generate your code from it. Designing your model can be done thanks to two views: a XML one and a graphical one which basically is a canvas on which you can draw shapes representing your business concepts.

The latter is named a surface and when opening a your surface, you’ll see a ribbon menu appear on the top of it; providing a quick access to all available features. This ribbon is organized into 7 tabs which are composed of one tab corresponding to your project and is named as the default namespace of your project, then five tabs corresponding to commonly used CodeFluent Entities concepts (Entity, Property, Method, Enumeration, and Enumeration Value), as well as a final tab named the Modeler Pad containing designer related features.

Here’s a series of screenshots of them:

  • <DefaultNamespace>

1 - DefaultNamespace

  • Entity

2 - Entity

  • Property

3 - Property

  • Method

4 - Method

  • Enumeration

5 - Enumeration

  • Enumeration Value

6 - EnumerationValue

  • Modeler Pad

7 - ModelerPad

By the way, when working on your model, depending on the currently selected object, its corresponding tab is automatically selected: this way you’re most of the time only a click away from your desired feature 🙂

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