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ADO.NET Entity Framework Producer (Beta)

In last releases you might have noticed that CodeFluent Entities now provides an ADO.NET Entity Framework Producer which can generate an EDMX model. The generated EDMX model is a 2.0 version which implies it needs to be used in .NET 4 projects to work properly. Thanks to this EDMX file, you’ll be able to use the ADO.NET Entity Framework to generate an object model, and access the data tier.

Please note that this producer really just produces an EDMX model, it doesn’t replace the data access method of the object model generated by the Business Object Model Producer, nor it replaces it feature-wise. Since ADO.NET Entity Framework is used to generate the object model, the generated object model is bound to Entity Framework’s features. For instance, since ADO.NET Entity Framework doesn’t handle multiple namespaces, all entities will be in the same namespace: so watch-out for entities with the same name!

Here’s how to add the producer to your project using the Modeler:


Here’s the equivalent in XML:

<cf:producer name=”ADO.NET Entity Framework”
typeName=”CodeFluent.Producers.CodeDom.EntityFrameworkProducer, CodeFluent.Producers.CodeDom”>
<cf:configuration targetDirectory=”..\SoftFluent.CarRental” outputFileName=”SoftFluent_CarRental.edmx” />

Have fun,

The CodeFluent R&D Team

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