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Persistence Property Name Format

By default, CodeFluent Entities persistence producers generate columns by the following name format: (TableName)_(ColumnName). For instance if a “Customer” entity contains a “Name” property the default generated column would be named “Customer_Name”. This behavior is controlled by the “persistencePropertyNameFormat” attribute which can be set at the project level.

By default, the persistencePropertyNameFormat is set to {0}_{1} where {0} is the table name, and {1} as the column name. So, say we want to generate columns without them being prefixed by the entity name, all we’d have to do would be to set the persistencePropertyNameFormat to {1}, and the change would be applied application wide!

Please note, that you can also change column names at the property level by defining an explicit “persistenceName” on the property. Furthermore, you can also control all generated names (tables, columns, constraints, stored procedures) at the project level through naming conventions (discussed in this post).

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