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Getting Started

Thinking about giving a shot to CodeFluent Entities, but you don’t know how to get started? This post might help!

First, you need to register on the CodeFluent Entities web site to automatically get a free license: Register.

When registering you get to choose between two licenses: Express or Personal.


The personal license is for non commercial use, for personal use and non-profit organizations, while the express license allows commercial use but limited to 10 entities. If you want to start with more, check-out our Version and Pricing pages.

Once you’ve registered, sign-in using your freshly created account, and under your personal information, you’ll find a list of your available license keys, its type, as well as a link allowing you to download the latest officially released build.

CodeFluent Entities is shipped in a ZIP file containing two setups:

  • CodeFluentEntitiesCoreSetup.2010.x86.BXXXX.YYY.msi
  • CodeFluentEntitiesModelerSetup.2010.x86.BXXXX.YYY.msi

You don’t have to install both, you can pick the one you want or both.

The Modeler setup installs a designer and new project templates to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and/or 2010.

As of today, the Modeler isn’t a final version, but still a release candidate.

On the other hand, the Core setup installs CodeFluent Entities’ build engine: you won’t have a graphical interface, instead you’ll need to write models yourself (see this video to view how it goes). Unlike the modeler which is still pre-release software, the core edition is a 5 year product currently used by customers for enterprise-class projects.

Once you’ve got it all installed start creating .NET applications!

To help you get started, you can find content on our forums (log in using your CodeFluent Entities account), documentation or blog.

See you soon!

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