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Data Binding Support

CodeFluent Entities is a model-first tool for continuous generation of all layers and their plumbing code.

The idea is that CodeFluent Entities will generate all the recurrent and low value code, so that developers will be able to focus on the fun part 🙂

The first step in doing so, is that when using CodeFluent Entities, once you generated your persistence layer and business object model, displaying a list of data is dead – simple: all you have to do is data-bind to the business class.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a small webcast illustrating:

  • how to generate a small contact manager application with test data (SQL Server database and the business object model),
  • how to show all stored data in an ASP.NET web page using the generated code.



Tomorrow we’ll add creation, edition and delete capabilities to our web site 🙂

The R&D Team

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