Naming Conventions

CodeFluent Entities allows developers to define naming conventions on their projects.

A naming convention in CodeFluent Entities is a rule which will be used by database producers to generate database objects (tables, columns, stored procedures, etc.). The naming convention to be used can be set at the project level in XML or using the Modeler thanks to the Naming Convention property:


As shown in the screenshot above, available conventions are:

  • Default,
  • Decamelized,
  • Upper Case,
  • Lower Case,
  • Upper Case Decamelized,
  • Lower Case Decamelized,
  • Custom Formats.

Here’s my model:


For instance, using the Default naming convention will generate the following:


Using the Decamelized will decamelize names using underscores:


Using the Upper Case one will capitalize names:


Using the Lower Case does the opposite:


Using the Upper Case Decamelized combines the Decamelized and the Upper Case ones:


And so does the Lower Case Decamelized:


If ever you need more than those default ones you use the Custom Formats naming convention which lets you specify a string format so you can prefix and/or suffix all names, or even develop your own!

More information is available in the documentation: Naming Conventions, and Implementing a Custom Naming Convention.

See you soon,

The CodeFluent Entities R&D team

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