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SoftFluent announces new version of its SharePoint List Synchronizer For Excel tool!

Even if this blog is focused on CodeFluent Entities product, I’d like to share an announcement concerning the availibilty of the new version of our SharePoint List Synchronizer For Excel. Let’s explain what this product deals with.

Microsoft proposes in SharePoint the notion of Lists. These lists can be published towards Microsoft Excel. Until version 2003, these lists had a two-way synchronization feature directly inside Microsoft Excel.

Since version 2007 of Excel, this feature has been deprecated and is no longer available directly, as Microsoft is pushing for Access-oriented scenarios. However, there are plenty of business scenarios where this is useful to keep those lists available with read/write capabilities directly inside Microsoft Excel.

The SharePoint list synchronizer for Excel proposed by SoftFluent restores this capability in Microsoft Excel 2007 and in Microsoft Excel 2010. The feature will work in Excel 2007 and 2010 as long as you save your Excel files in Excel 2003 format ie .xls.

The product can be used free of charge for personal usage, for non-profit organizations and for businesses up to 5 employees. It can be installed and tested by simply visiting the http://www.softfluent.com/wsslists.htm web page.

After installing the tool and selecting a sharepoint list, you will find the Synchronize with SharePoint menu back!



Important : since October 2010, a security update provided by Microsoft also makes the "Export" menu inside SharePoint fail if not used through Internet Explorer in "Run as administrator" mode. The new commercial version (MSI package) we just released, handled this issue and can be installed without requiring any UAC privilege.

For commercial companies, you may purchase the product on our online store or shortly in Component Source website as the product is currently being added in their products catalog. The commercial version is an MSI package. The following screenshots shows how to install the tool and to associate .iqy files to the SharePoint list synchronizer for Excel executable.

Installing the MSI package (previous screen asks you for the product key):










Package installed successfully. You can choose to launch the tool after installation:










The tool has also been installed in the Start menu for later use:







By default, iqy files are associated to the installed version of Microsoft Excel. By clicking the Associate button, iqy file will be forwarded to the SharePoint list synchronizer for Excel tool:















You can launch the tool at any time to deassociate/associate iqy files. The installation is performed on a per user basis.

By the way, as this blog is focused on CodeFluent Entities product Smile, I’ll do the connection between this tool and CodeFluent Entities. Indeed, every application generated by CodeFluent Entities can provide this bidirectional synchronization feature using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010 using the Office List Producer. The producer generates a ready to use web service that “simulates” a SharePoint backoffice and allow you to synchronize your business data (designed with CodeFluent Entities) as if they were stored as SharePoint Lists! Isn’t that powerful! And you don’t even require Microsoft SharePoint to be installed on the server, all you need is the generated web service. The documentation on how to use this producer is provided here.

Enjoy the tool and restore your productivity!


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