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Forthcoming CodeFluent Entities Web Producer 2.0

Today I’ll work with the R&D team about the next version of our Web Producer.

This producer will dramatically ease development of web applications and especially applications relying on Forms. You will be able to develop end to end web applications by designing your application using the Visual Studio Integrated Modeler including the Forms. The CodeFluent.Runtime.Web.dll runtime will be updated with new features to support the new generation templates but to also allow you design your own ASP.NET business controls much more easily by relying on third parties component such as Telerik or Infragistics.

For instance, we’ll add support for the following scenario: imagine you have designed in your model a Customer entity (Id, FirstName, LatName, Email, etc) that has an Address property which is another entity of your model. Address would have for instance the following properties: Id, Line, Zip, City, Country. With the next version of the web producer and the modeler, you will be able to design a Form on the Customer entity that embeds the Address properties with a transactional behavior on Save, Delete and Updates methods.

After generation, you will have a ready to use ASP.NET WebForms page (based on any master page you might configure in your application) that will display the Customer form with an embedded Address form. When you’ll create a new Customer along with its Address, the Customer will be persisted in the underlying database along with its Address with transactional support.

This forthcoming Web Producer 2.0 will first support ASP.NET WebForms generation but we also consider the generation of ASP.NET MVC pages.

This producer should be released during the second quarter of 2011.

Once more, we try to ease your life for .NET applications development with a complete environment fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio.

Stay tuned,


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