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New Documentation Version Online!

A new version of the CodeFluent Entities Online Documentation was just released!

The technical documentation is divided into several sections:

  • The Introducing CodeFluent Entities section, as the name suggests, is a basic overview introducing the product,
  • The Development Tools section provides information on each of the tools provided with CodeFluent Entities,
  • The Architect Guide section contains detailed information of all CodeFluent Entities concepts (Entities, Properties, Rules, Producers, etc.) you’ll need to design your application,
  • The Developer Guide section provides practical information, so developers can implement specific features such as localization, paging, sorting and many more!
  • The Reference Guide section contains an exhaustive list of elements and their attributes available in the product,
  • The Tutorials section contains step by step examples to create applications using CodeFluent Entities,
  • The Technical Articles section contains technical articles related to the product,
  • The White Papers section contains official SoftFluent white papers.

In this new release, most of the new content is “getting started” articles to help you kick off application developments using CodeFluent Entities.

Here’s a list of the major new articles in each of their respective documentation section:

  • In the Tutorials section
    • Using the Core Edition
      • Developing Desktop Applications
      • Developing ASP.NET Applications
      • Developing Silverlight Applications
      • Integrating Microsoft Office
    • Using the Modeler Edition
      • Developing Desktop Applications
      • Developing ASP.NET Applications

Hope this helps,

CodeFluent R&D Team

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