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Announcing the new CodeFluent Entities Modeler UI

October 15, 2010 2 comments

Hi CodeFluent Entities Community,

I’m excited to announce today the availability of the Ribbon inside our modeler. Our development team has been working hard for the last months to add this new feature. Not only it will show you many concepts included in the product, it will also guide and structure the design of your application:


For instance, by selecting Modeler Pad, you will have access to the UI general features such as cut, paste and copy but also to other valuable features such as the Model Search:


Model Search will perform a Google-like search within your entire model and display the results in a hierarchical grid. You can then select the concept you wish to work. Here is an example of the Microsoft NorthWind Access database imported by the Access importer feature:


The above grid shows the result for the “order” search string. We notice that CodeFluent Entities has retrieved all the occurrence of the string within the different concepts (entity, property, rule, method, instance, etc.). When an item is selected in the upper grid, it can quickly be modified in the below property grid.

Another nice feature of the ribbon is the support of themes : you can choose one of the predefined themes like the Visual Studio 2008 theme:


or Black theme (close to Microsoft Expression Blend):


or even Microsoft Office theme:


We hope that this new disruptive development UI based on the ribbon will help you develop your applications more efficiently with a professional generated code.

The build 446 containing the new ribbon based UI is available for download. As this build is not yet marked as “Valid” you will not be able to download it from your “My Account” page once logged on the CodeFluent Entities website that only displays Valid builds.

I recommend that existing users download the build directly through the SoftFluent.Licensing.exe tool installed with the product and that new users download the latest valid build (which is 338 at the date of this post) and once installed, they can use the SoftFluent.Licensing.exe tool to retrieve the latest “Being tested” build.

Don’t hesitate to share your feedbacks on the Modeler Edition using our forum: Please use the forum named CodeFluent Entities Modeler Edition – Beta.

Thanks a lot and enjoy the Ribbon!


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