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Developing a Custom Web Site

July 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi guys,

Here’s a video playlist illustrating how to develop an ASP.NET web site, leveraging components generated by CodeFluent Entities.

The point of those videos is that it shows how to set up key features such as localization, sorting, paging, security, etc. in your hand-made web site.

The complete playlist is available here:

The playlist features the following videos:

1. Simple Data Binding,

2. CRUD Data Binding,

3. Data Validation,

4. Concurrency Management,

5. Sorting and Paging,

6. Localization,

7. Security

CodeFluent Entities R&D Team

A new CodeFluent Entities feature: an ADO.NET Entity Framework importer.

July 30, 2010 Leave a comment

We have added a new importer to the product, available starting with build 40729.

Documentation (very easy to use) is available here :

Here is how the standard Entity Framework School model (Entity Framework School.Edmx File as a PDF, since WordPress does not seem to allow TXT or EDMX files 🙂 ) looks like in CodeFluent Entities after having been imported using this new feature:

Entity Framework School Model Imported in CodeFluent Entities

Entity Framework School Model Imported in CodeFluent Entities

NOTE: as a reminder, we also have SQL Server, SQL Server CE, Oracle, Access / Jet, Enterprise Architect and XML 2.x importers available in the product.


The CodeFluent R&D team

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