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Who said CodeFluent Entities could raise errors?

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Hmmm… Not me!

CodeFluent Entities is some kind of a meta-compiler. So it has to be capable of displaying all sorts of errors. Of course, we use .NET Exceptions. The vast majority of CodeFluent Errors have the following format for the message string:

CFXXYY: blah blah blah….

(in general, the message is more detailed than “blah blah blah”…)

Each assembly we ship with the product is assigned a range, so for a given XXYY, we know it’s in fact message #YY, from the assembly that has the XX code.

CodeFluent Entities defines today around 900 error messages, for all assemblies. This is the list, in PDF format (WordPress does not allow XLS nor TXT formats…).


The CodeFluent R&D team

CodeFluent Entities At Code Generation 2010

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