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CodeFluent Entities 2009 Achievements

Hi all,

Now is the time to list what has been added to the product this year!


  • Microsoft SharePoint WebParts producer 2.0 (great enhancements at runtime)
  • Oracle Database producer 1.0 (beta)
  • Smart Client producer 1.0 (beta)
  • MSBuild producer 1.0
  • Patch producer 1.0
  • Microsoft Silverlight 2 support for Service Model (SCOM) producer
  • Microsoft Silverlight 3 support for Service Model (SCOM) producer
  • Microsoft Silverlight 4 (beta) support for Service Model (SCOM) producer


  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect importer 1.0 (beta)


  • A lot of effort has been put into documentation
  • SQL 2008 support (geography, hierarchyid, geometry types, importer, …)
  • Access 2007 synchronization support
  • CodeFluent Entities 64 bits native version (WOW support has always been there)
  • Enhancements to the CodeFluent Entities Model (including Lightweight entities)
  • Blob import enhancements for all importers (including Access OLEObjects)
  • Xml documentation is now generated by BOM producer
  • New Starter Wizard tool has been added
  • New UrlValidate & EmailValidate rules
  • New TextSearch pattern

Phew! We really did all that, plus some more, less visible enhancements and bug fixes (it happens!). We also worked a lot on the CodeFluent Entities graphical modeling tool, integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, and this is not yet visible…

As always, you can track the latest changes, from a technical perspective, here http://www.codefluent.com/builds/history.htm

CodeFluent Entities R&D team.

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