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CodeFluent Entities and Enterprise Architect: the first stone towards importing UML model.

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

The R&D team has just delivered an internal release of CodeFluent Entities that demonstrates how to import an UML model designed with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect software. Starting from an input Abstract Class Model designed through EA, we are able to import the entire entities diagram as a CodeFluent Entities model. The following screenshot depicts a sample EA model with the following business entities: Order, Order Status, Account, Transaction, Line Item and Stock Item:

Let’s now have a look of the generated CodeFluent Entities model using the forthcoming CodeFluent Entities Modeler:

The Enterprise Architect importer is still at an early stage of the development cycle but we will work hard during the forthcoming months to deliver a complete solution for importing UML models to CodeFluent Entities. You will then be able to generate ready to use components (from database to UI such as SharePoint) on Microsoft technologies.

Ease your life, use CodeFluent Entities .

Stay tuned!

Omid Bayani.

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